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Hummer Club Introduction

Why appeared an idea to create this Club?

We all, who created this club on a resource, are the owners of HUMMER cars.

Our Club is created for free friendly communication of people, who choose this legendary brand of car.

We are glad to see in our Club not only HUMMER owners and members of their families, but also all your friends!

We actively cooperate and are good friends with the other Clubs who propagandize no less deserving brands of cars, organizing joint town gates, testing their cars in the conditions of lack of roads and helping new members of Hummer club in such to understand better their car and learn to manage it in any situations. We also help to insurance your cars on favorable terms in companies with confirmed reputation on the market of insurance services, also help with customs clearance and raising your bought car on the account in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and other concomitant services.

Team, created this Club – are intellectual, respectable, successful people, who want to gather people with common interests.
We set up intelligent and efficient team of professionals, who help us to develop this resource.

Commercial activity and information, which can help all club members in service, tuning, and also in buying and selling both new and car with mileage are welcomed in our Club.

Club-mates who got FREE Member card, can get a discount in many places of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other regions of Russian Federation, given by the partners of our Club Program.

On our FORUM you will find many information about HUMMER cars, can ask any question, participate in our town gates, where the active Club members will show all off-road qualities of HUMMER cars..

We make maximum efforts in order you can feel yourself in our Club as at home - with a maximal comfort.

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