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Member card

Dear Friends!

Administration of first official "Club of HUMMER cars owners and funs ® "Hummer Club" is glad to inform you that the issue of Member cards of Club of HUMMER cars owners and funs ® "Hummer Club" is begun.

How to become a Club member and to get a Member card?

A Member card is given out FREE OF CHARGE on the basis of decision of Administration of "Hummer Club".

You’ll also get with our Member Card a souvenir with symbols of "Club of HUMMER cars owners and funs ® "Hummer Club".

- you must be authorized user of forum on our site<a href="/"></a>

- you must have no less than 20 massages on Forum of our site <a href="/"></a>

- The Indispensable condition of receipt of Member card – to be an owner of Hummer car.

- In exceptional cases, (on decision of Administration of "Hummer Club"), our Member card can be given out to a person, who doesn’t have Hummer car.

In order to get our Member Card you must write a Request to Administration of Club and send it to the following e-mail:

We also ask you to send a copy of your request to Alex H2 and ZAGORANKA ’s private mail in our forum.

What is necessary to write in REQUEST:

In the theme of letter please write: "Request on the receipt of Member Card"

In Letter:

-Name and Surname

-Your nickname on our site <a href="/"></a>

-Telephone number

-Your car (Hummer H1,H2,H3)

-Your City (if you living not In Moscow)

Within a week after you sent us a request Club’s Administration will contact you by e-mail, telephone or private mail on Club forum.

If you live not in Moscow, Member card can be sent to you by mail.

- After the receipt of the Member card you will get an access to the site, where you can find out all news about Club’s Program.

What gives you our Member card?

- Member Card allows you to get discount and bonuses with related companies of first official " Club of HUMMER cars owners and funs ® "Hummer Club" " Program.

- At present time there are more than 30 related companies (not only in Moscow and Moscow region, but also in other regions of Russian FEDERATION, and abroad).

- The participants of Club’s Program are oil-refining companies , auto centers, auto services (including dealer centers), restaurants, shops of spare parts and many others.

- The list of Program Participants grow up every day.

What is the expiration date of our Member Card?

- The expiration date of Member Card is 1 year from the moment of its issue.

- The Administration in exceptional cases reserves right not to extend Member card with obligatory advising about the reasons of its refuse.

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